This is WEB MATCHING which linked directly with jobseekers who are looking for recruitment positions, having a desire to “Work in Japan” or “Work in Japanese company”, especially Vietnamese and Indian Engineers. Through this Website, the Vietnamese and Indian Employers will contact directly with Candidates based on the personal contact information. Until now there is not any similar search system or recruitment system in Japan. This is the newest and the most special search tool.

■ The different point from other recruitment website

The difference here is not about looking for a job but “Looking for a human resources”. The Candidates who “Want to work in Japan” or “Want to looking for a job in Japanese and American Company” can register CV by themselve or expand the chance of receiving direct invitations from the other Employers.

■ What is the special feature?

This Website is used for the Japanese and American Company posting their recruitment information. From those information, the Candidates will choose and apply the most suitable position.

■ Is it considered as a violation of law if the personal information is become public?

We are based on the agreement of the candidate, accompanied by the feedback mail of the candicdate. However, if the personal information of the candidate has changed or they have new job, their information will be deleted.

■ Who are the Employers?

We have a client system is the Employers in Japan, in other countries, and the Japanese-American Employers who are doing their bussiness in your country.

■ How about the cost of registration?

The registration is absolutely free. With just a few easy and quickly steps, We rely on the email address and password provided by the individual, then R TECHNO ‘s management system will provide log in account for the Candidate.

■ In parcular, with the Candidates who can not speak fluently Japanese or English, We can also provide the jobs which are suitable with your experience.

■ About posting information

We pay close attention in posting the information on this website, but we don’t ensure its utility, accuracy and safety (including not to issue any of error and so on, always run correctly for each function, providing information without mistakes, modify if problems arises, no computer virus and other detriments on this website and server and so on). User can use this service under their own responsibility.
So we never take any responsibility for any users’ damage or loss caused by users’ usage or utilization of these informations, or disable them. Then we may change , interrupt or abandon the posting information without notice.